last update: 21 December 2014
marmis cattery

WCF Show in Belgrade

14. December 2014

Mrnjau Fest - Moew Fest
Show season 2014
WCF Show in Belgrade, Serbia (14. December 2014)

TICA show in Purkersdorf, Austria 14/15 June 2014

Marmis Unlimited Love

2 x CACJ, 2 x NOM, 1 x BIS, 1 x BIS opp. sex, 1 x BOB1,1x BOB2 and 3th Best Junior Cat in the ring

TICA show in Belgrade, Serbia, 8/9 March 2014
TICA show in Sofia, Bulgaria (8/9 February 2014)
Show season 2013
TICA show Liesing/Wien SUPERHEROES, Austria (9/10February 2013)

TICA show in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria (2/3 March 2013)

TICA show in Belgrade, Serbia ( 9/10 March 2013)
TICA show in Wien, Austria (30.November/1.December 2013)
Show season 2012

Marmis Tango in Harlem

2 x CAPJ, 2 x NOM, 2 x BIS, BOB2, BOB3

TICA Show in Klosterneuburg, Austria (3/4 march 2012)

TICA Show in Belgrade, Serbia (17/18 march 2012)

TICA show in Moscow, Russia, May 2012
TICA show in Obersiebenbrun, Austria (22/23 septembre 2012)
Show season 2011
TICA show in Belgrade, Serbia, march 2011
TICA show in Ried, Austria, may 2011

Marmis Rolling Stones

2 x CAP, 2 x NOM and BEST Neuter in the ring


Show season 2010
FIFe show in Zagreb, Croatia, february 2010
FIFe show in Mogyoród, Hungary, october 2010

Marmis Unlimited Love & Marmis The Show Must Go On

Marmis The Show Must Go On

2 x CACJ, 1 x NOM

Marmis Thank You For Loving Me

2 x CACJ

Marmis Touch and Go

2 x CACJ

Quercus Spring Star April of Marmis

2 x CACJ, 1 x NOM, 1 x BIS and 6th Best Junior Cat in ring